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Pet Dash Game Adventure

Pet Dash Game Adventure 2016, Super addictive dash game is a unique #dash and #rush #game among all other dash games on the #play #store...

Friday, 6 January 2017

4x4 Racing Sim: Dino World

After the success of bike racing sim: dino world! Here we are again with the electrifying edition in 4x4 racing games in the world of dinosaur in offroad simulator 4x4. Explore the vast offroad landscape with upgraded 4x4 jeeps in dino world games. Evade hurdles and complete all missions as an expert 4x4 safari jeep driver with 4x4 games off road. Play with the open world offroad environment simulation like 4x4 racing games Simulator 3D with the blend of dino world games. Drive the fastest safari jeeps with this 4x4 racing games, race your super offroad 4x4 and become the fastest driver on the road in dino games with offroad simulator 4x4. Dino world games were never been so thrill and entertaining. Turn on the 4x4 safari ignition, race the on throttle and push the limits of your offroad 4x4 racing jeep to its end and be the epic dino games player in 4x4 RACING SIM: DINO WORLD.

In this offroad simulator 4x4 and 4x4 games off road you will feel realistic safari racing in amazing dino world. Have you ever experience to drive offroad jeep or monster truck with high speed in real dinosaur world while they are walking with your 4x4 safari?  If not then we are introducing game having such concept with the twist of dino world games. In this adventure you have to show your driving skills in jeep with high speed actions in 4x4 games off road. Huge dino world games environment will feel you realistic 4x4 safari jeep driving. As a 4x4 jeep racer your safari vehicle with incredible speeds, dodging the offroad dino around you and flying off the top of big mountains. You will surely like powerful 4x4 safari jeeps in dino world games.

Features of 4x4 Racing Games:

• Ultimate real life jeep racing games experience.
• Smooth and realistic 4x4 safari handling with open dino world.
• Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation
• Realistic Dinosaurs animations with vibrant gameplay.
• Real time driving experience and outstanding 4x4 offroad vehicles and safari jeeps.
• Drive your 4x4 safari between tyrannosaur rex and dinosaurs.

So are you ready to experience the thrill and excitement of 4x4 games off road with the twist of dino world games and off road 4x4 racing. Download 4x4 RACING SIM: DINO WORLD and enter into the world of dinosaurs.

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Extreme Police Helicopter Sim

After the Police training mission the police helicopter games with police helicopter pilot games 3d is ready for operation in crime city against criminals and gangsters in latest helicopter games. Fly in the city skyline and dodge tall skyscrapers in this new modern helicopter simulator 2016. In this helicopter fighting games, operate the ultimate police helicopter 3d simulator and become a fearless police helicopter pilot with latest helicopter games free flight 2016 new. You have the responsibility to chase the criminals and arrest them in latest helicopter drive game and police helicopter vs criminals with the blend of police helicopter games 2016. Take flight in a police helicopter and catch the criminals to help assist in the arrest and your fellow police officers in police helicopter simulator and police helicopter pilot sim with newest EXTREME POLICE HELICOPTER SIM!
Arrest of robbers and criminals is your job with the police helicopter vs cirminals in 10 air combat missions in helicopter fighting games and police helicopter simulator 2016. Get into the close and identify the targeted vehicle, once you've got a lock on to them, follow the car around until fellow police cars can chase the vehicle and bring robbers and criminals into jail in newest game police helicopter vs criminals. Fly the real helicopters with real police helicopter 3d and test your helicopter pilot skills in police helicopter games.
Operate grand police helicopter simulator and encounter one of the amazing police helicopter games. Track down criminals as they escape from the scene of the crime with your newest police helicopter pilot games 3d and clean the city from the gangsters and robbers in this helicopter fighting games with police helicopter vs criminals. Prove yourself as a best police officer and help to catch the criminals in helicopter fighting games 2016 or police helicopter games. Download newest EXTREME POLICE HELICOPTER SIM and feel like a real helicopter games pilot and police helicopter simulator with the twist of helicopter fighting games.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Super Emoji Jump

Super Emoji Jump 

New Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway doesn’t like his name-calling

New Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway doesn’t like his name-calling


Chris Goodney/Bloomberg News)

#Donald #Trump reshuffled his presidential campaign late Tuesday, appointing two new leaders: Stephen Bannon, the former banker who runs the conservative outlet #Breitbart #News, and #Kellyanne #Conway, the veteran Republican pollster Trump initially hired to fix his image with women.

“I have known Steve and Kellyanne both for many years,” Trump said in a statement. “They are extremely capable, highly qualified people who love to win and know how to win.”
Conway’s campaign ascent has been rapid. She became a senior adviser to Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on July 1. Now she’s co-steering the whole ship.


Justin Bieber Deletes His Instagram Account After Epic War of Words With Selena Gomez

 Selena Gomez Regrets Lashing Out at Justin Bieber: It Was 'Selfish and Pointless'
 Hot on the heels of his war of words with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, the superstar singer has deleted his social media page entirely.
Bieber, 22, warned his followers that he would make his Instagram page private if haters didn’t stop bad-mouthing his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie.
Then, on the evening of Monday, August 15, he followed through with his threat, but going one step further.

Pet Dash Game Adventure

Pet Dash Game Adventure 2016, Super addictive dash game is a unique #dash and #rush #game among all other dash games on the #play #store, the #ultimate 6 #dash and #flappy challenging worlds are waiting for you to run as far as possible and earn maximum coins to rank higher on the leader board. A new style among Dash games with pets to rush and dash. You will find your favorite pets like, cat, dog, parrot, mouse or even pig. your favorite pets will dash, rush and fly in a spaceship. you will see your pets flying in this dash and flying game. PET DASH GAME ADVENTURE. This hyper addictive and super fast dash pet game will give you a challenging game play.
Game Play
In this 2d pet games with the blend of adventure and dash games you have to run, jump and fly through the obstacles. Help your pet to flutter and get as far as possible. Tap the screen to flap your pet and avoid obstacles in this adventure tap tap dash games. The pet must avoid the hurdles by run n rush or by jump them located on the way to get the highest possible score by getting more coins. So get ready for a new near impossible challenge through different worlds of pets rush n dash. Push your skills to the limit as you fly, jump, run and dash yourself crazy through dangerous geometry passages and spiky obstacles in 6 levels. Your dashie games flying pets characters will be change with the situations in latest dash games. So download latest dash games with Pet Dash Game Adventure and showoff your dash games and flying games skills.
-6 challenging worlds with endless game play of dash games and flappy combination.
-Fun and highly addictive tap tap dash games, rush games game play.
-Challenge yourself with the near impossible pet games.

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Monday, 8 August 2016

Super Emoji Jump

In this tap tap jump game, tap the screen to make the emoji to jump. Jumping is not enough you will have to show patience and courage to go through the 70 levels. Experience the super adventure of survival with different emojis jump. In this go up games tap to go forward with jump and help your emoji to go up to face challenging obstacles.
In this Super Emoji Jump game you just need to touch and tap the screen to take the Emoji up for jump. But you have to save the emoji from the different shapes of obstacles. By saving your super emoji from hurdles you can take your emoji up, collect coins make your own high score to unlock the beautiful 17 other emojis. Let’s start tapping in super emoji jump here is the most attractive 2d jumping game on Google play.Features of Super Emoji Jump:
- Tap to make high jump and earn coins
- 17 Beautiful Emojis to unlock
- Easy gameplay with beautiful 2D jump game graphics
- Tap in 2d jumping adventure and go up with tap tap games 2016.
Try to jump by tap the screen, avoid the different shape obstacles and gather as many coins as possible, a fun and challenging game that will test your precision in jumping games with Super Emoji Jump.

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