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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Super Hop Jump: Emoji

Classic 2D jump, run n hop platformer game with beautiful Emojis just like jumping games and running games. Welcome to the world of Jump and go in newest jumping games. Experience the adventure of survival with jumps. Are you ready to super hop of long jump with your colorful Emojis? In this tap tap jumping games you need to jump with tap force and go forward. Help emojis to hop their ways, flutter and go as far as possible. Tap, hold and release to send your emoji flying in the air and onto the next platform and help him to hop his way.The player who is in control of a Emoji Jumping must dodge all the columns shape obstacles by jumping through long gaps. Long and forced tap will help you to jump more high to reach the platforms. Watch out! If you don’t jump with care, you will fall down! And the life will end. So how far can you go? Its addictive, its challenging and cute dashing emojis characters, all you have to do is high jump with tap and hold, avoid obstacles collect maximum coins and unlock more n more dashing emojis.
-Tap and hold to make high jump
-23 Beautiful Emojis to unlock.
-Beautiful graphics For super hop jump: emoji 2D game
-Nothing special, just control over your Tap in adventure and endless tap tap games 2d
You can get exciting experience of jumping and help emoji to hop his way. Download SUPER HOP JUMP: EMOJI 2d game, earn maximum coins, enjoy endless jumping and help emoji to hop his way in this dash and rush game.
ush game

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